"Oh no, put that thing away...this is so embarrassing" - Olympus OM-4Ti 28mm F2.8 Kodak PRI-3

"Hey, that guy's looking at me..." - Canon EOS-RT 28-135mm IS USM film??

Cindy "The Babe"...looks can kill!! I died after this shot. The ambulance came, what a mess... - OM-4Ti 50mm F2.8 Kodak T400CN

Beverley squeezing a fish - OM-4Ti 50mm F2.0 Konica VX200

Chin Yee..."I'm not impressed!!" - OM-4Ti 50mm Kodak PRI-3

Ed Tay hungry for more food...this photo was taken by Adrian with my Oly (credit where it's due) - OM-4Ti 135mm Kodak PRI-3

Chin Yee fast asleep after a hard day's work - OM-1 50mm 1/8sec F2.8 Konica VX200

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